Medio litter spring 2021

Between Epico Da Aquae Flaviae & Jaska Do Vale Do Trevo

Both Ecko and Jaska are portuguese born dogs, exported to the north. Jaska to us at Fashion Star in Sweden, Ecko to Finland. 
Where they have been very successful conformation dogs, show champions in multiple countries and winners of the biggest shows such as Nordic Winner and European Winner. 
They are both very friendly dogs, with active personalities. 

Behind both there are dogs still active in the origin purpose of this breed: hunting. 

A combination of two dogs with great temperament, excellent conformation and inherited traits for hunting. 


Epico Da Aquae Flaviae
Sire: Jumbo
Dam: Bolacha Do Rio Da Fonte

Jaska Do Vale Do Trevo
Sire: Goya Do Vale Do Trevo 
Dam: Famosa Do Castelhana


05.05.2021 Jaska had a big baby boy, so far he's very strong and loud. Pics will be uploaded continuously

Ecko and Jaska: